Crossy Road – are you ready to take the chicken across the road?

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At the end of 2014 the global gaming community was challenged with a new project by Hipster Whales being the Crossy Road. It is the game which was initially designed as a simple time killer for gadgets and the developers planned to spend no longer than 6 weeks for the entire project with bugs fixing. However it turned enormous success. Now the gamers all over the globe have a little chicken or bunny or a koala trying to cross the road. Moreover the global community is puzzled with the burning issue: why chicken needs to cross the road

The game fibula

A chicken or another mascot you choose needs to cross the road or another space filled with deadly obstacles. If a pet runs into an obstacle, it means that your game will be over for now. That is all. This game does not feature any intricate plots, any great missions or does not imply any strategy. You need just to help your mascot get across the road.

The obstacles in the game

The mascot can be moved either forward or sidewise by tapping or swapping the display. You need to forward your mascot when the way is clear of obstacles and objects. You can use platforms to cross the river or other parts of the space. Many players think that the simplest strategy of the game is to wait on one spot while the obstacles will pass, however in 5 seconds an eagle will appear to snatch your mascot which will equally mean that the game is over for you.

The obstacles move with various speed, so you need to carefully watch every object on the screen. Every move gives you and your mascot points which you then can exchange for coins.


The game is completely free and does not need any additional investments to progress. However, only a limited set of mascots are available at the start. To get additional cute pets to play with you can try game lottery which will randomly greet you with new mascots or give you the mascots you already possess. To try lottery you will need coins. If you progress is rather poor, you can buy coins in the game for real money. You can also get additional coins in the game by watching ads and commercials as well as for regular signing in the game.

Crossy Road is available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as for iOS devices. The number of downloads has exceeded 2 000 000 for every platform in particular. Get Crossy Road for free! Get engaged into cross the road craze!

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